Five Star Review
Best vent hood cleaning company in ATL. I have been using them for multiple locations for the last few years and always great communication and reliable work.

Logan Stott

Five Star Review
We had out kitchen cleaned, along with our quarterly kitchen vent hoods this month. Everything looks good!

Crystal Varner

Five Star Review
Our hood cleaning company went out of business so we went online and found Atlanta Hood Cleaning at the top of the list. We had out kitchen cleaned, along with our quarterly kitchen vent hoods this month. Everything looks good!

Douglas Adams

Five Star Review
Fire marshal said we had to get our hoods cleaned professionally. We called Atlanta Hood Cleaning and they came right out to give us a quote and schedule us up. They did a fantastic job and even put a sticker on the hood to prove we had the job done by a professional.

Paul Olsen

Five Star Review
I own several upscale restaurants and will only use Atlanta Hood Cleaning in my kitchens. They work around my schedule and don't dally around they just get the job done and they do it right the first time.

Renee Houle

Meet the Best Roswell Hood Cleaning Company For Your Restaurant or Food Truck

Welcome, Roswell Restaurant Owner!

My name is Paul, owner of Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros, and I’m glad you decided to visit our company website. I’ve been the owner of this terrific company since it was founded about a decade and a half ago. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, a family man, and have lived in Atlanta for the majority of my lifetime.

Over the years I’ve visited many different restaurant businesses and commercial kitchens in Roswell and every time I step into a new one, I knew exactly at that moment that I’m in the right business. I love to help as much as I can to local business owners in the Roswell area. Atlanta is huge and there are many businesses within the capital of the Peach State, but it’s still a struggle to reach out to them all. I have pride in me and my team’s work and with our many years of experience. I want every restaurant owner in Roswell to be proud of their everlasting and professional looking kitchen.

We’ve already helped many other businesses do the same right here in Roswell, GA. Take a look at our happy clients in our testimonial section and to get a glimpse at our work.

I’ll pause about me, let’s shift the conversation to you. I bet you’re on here because you’re looking specifically for a hood cleaning company that’ll relieve some stress. We want to help solve your problems and let you do what you do best, run the business. Having to deal with cleanliness issues, dirt, grime, and corroded kitchen equipment should not be something taking up your time.

Many business owners have the same problems or they find out that their health inspector will be arriving soon and they haven’t replaced crucial parts in their kitchen. I’m talking about exhaust hood fans, hinges, appliances, etc. that are detrimental when it comes to inspections. A clean business will need great looking stainless steel throughout their kitchen with zero grime, dirt, and corrosion.

Our team is the perfect choice to handle all of those problems. You’ll definitely want a proven track record of successful cleaning jobs, immaculate looking restaurant kitchens, and passed inspections.

This might sound very great to you, but we know that you want to also make sure there aren’t any hidden tricks, right?

We know there are certain problems you might have run into in the past or when you tried hiring some other hood cleaning business in Atlanta. Those problems are usually:

  • Price gouges or hidden fees.
  • Late appointments or worse, no call no shows.
  • Kitchen not looking great after a “cleaning”.

Trust us, we know all of those problems and that's why we love helping one another. We’ve heard these same complaints before, but we can assure you that we handle those. Our job is to make it easier on you, otherwise, it’s our name that's put on lousy work and nobody wants that. We’re confident that we’re the perfect solution in Atlanta for restaurant hood cleaning.

Here are a couple of things you can look forward to when working with us:

  • You’ll get a FREE detailed walk-through inspection done by a professional tech on our team
  • A custom plan for you to have that will give you areas to tackle before your next inspection

This alone has helped local restaurant owners on exactly where they should be concentrating on to keep their business health score up. In the case we don’t work together, we want you to keep our report so you know what to look for in case you decide to clean it yourself.

Our hood cleaning work testimonials are what keeps us going and has also kept us operational. We wouldn’t be in business without the satisfaction of our prior clients (who still remain loyal to us till this day). When I began doing this work as a young apprentice, my mentors instilled in me the values of integrity and hard work. I’ve passed those on to our young team members and it’s what has kept us as the dominating hood cleaning pros in Roswell.

F.A.Q about Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros

What else should I know about your services?

We have different types of cleaning services and they’re mostly aimed for restaurant type businesses. That’ll also include commercial kitchens, fast food restaurants, diners, cafes(for government, hospitals, & schools), and bars. Most of our clients are managers or owners that don’t have the time to clean because of their hours, or because of short staff. We clean specific parts in the kitchens and are experts at rejuvenating parts back to great standards or replacing them altogether. Other than hood cleaning, we also are known for commercial kitchen cleaning and restaurant kitchen equipment cleaning too.

What areas of Atlanta do you operate in?

Atlanta is a big city and it stretches through Fulton and Dekalb county. We cover all sub-cities of Atlanta but just to name a few, we cover Midtown, Little Five Points, College Park, Buckhead, & Atlantic Station. If you’re in the Atlanta metro area, we most likely can get to you.

What types of companies do you help?

Most of our clients happen to be fast food restaurants because of the number of orders they take in and high turnover rate within the dining area. Because of this, they accumulate a lot of greases and without proper cleanup, we’re glad to help them. We also help commercial kitchens and usually when they’re not in operation as well as other diners and cafeterias. Cafeterias we work with are also government, hospital, or schools, but we can accommodate any need. It doesn’t matter the size of the kitchen, we have the expertise, staff, and equipment to help.

What do I do next?

If you’re ready to make the next move and see that kitchen look good as new, then the next move will be to make an appointment for your FREE consultation. We’ll schedule a great time to visit your location, get to know what problems you need help solving, and give you a detailed plan of action on what areas to focus on cleaning prior to your next inspection. We’re very good at what we do and we’re sure we can prove that to you and your business. You can give us a call at any time, drop an email, or fill out our form if it’s more convenient for you. We’ll get back to you right away in the event that nobody answers and we’ll guide you through the Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros process. Thanks for considering the expert hood cleaners of Atlanta, GA. We look forward to meeting you. If you want, take a look at our About Page or drop us a line on the form of our Contact Page.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Atlanta Georgia
Restaurant Hood Cleaning Atlanta Georgia
Restaurant Hood Cleaning Atlanta Georgia