Atlanta Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Atlanta Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service

Here in the Atlanta metro area, your best bet to disinfect your restaurant exhaust hood is with Atlanta Hood Cleaning. Our company solves many restaurant issues but hood cleaning is our specialty. When it comes to exhaust hoods, lots of grease vapors stick on to the stainless steel and over time they turn into hard plaque that ends up corroding the metal. This results in having to replace stoves, ovens, and other appliances altogether. Kitchen equipment like stoves, grills, and ovens definitely aren’t cheap and we’re here to save you as much money as we can in the long run. Also, these appliances have smaller parts that are hard to get a hold of sometimes. Instead of ordering through a manufacturer, check with us to see if we have a simpler solution.

Many of these problems occur in restaurant kitchens with frequent food orders whereas commercial kitchens and fine dining restaurants usually don’t stay as dirty. Fast food restaurants are usually the most places that we visit. They have a higher turnover rate, more grease everywhere especially with frying stations, and they have more frequent visits from your local health inspector. We have systems in place to aid as many restaurant business owners as possible at all times and we also give you a generous customized cleaning plan so you can either clean your kitchen yourself or hire an amazing hood cleaning company(wink wink).

We believe we’re the best restaurant hood cleaning service in Atlanta, GA. We serve businesses everywhere in Atlanta in both Fulton and Dekalb county. We are compliant with NFPA certified and we’re licensed to do this job as well. When it comes to restaurant hood cleaning, we do it all. We’ve cleaned countless restaurants already. The main focus of our attention when we work with you is the exhaust hood, both interior, and exterior. We’ll make sure to check your filter that gets pretty dirty quickly, the ducts, fan, and exhaust fan hinges. The ceiling usually accumulates grease as well. All of these areas are crucial for a perfect health inspection score. Our hours are flexible to work with the operating hours of your business. We understand that your operating hours are definitely not the best time to clean a kitchen which is why we’re open 24 hours around the clock to accommodate your kitchen cleaning needs. We can come for cleaning appointments during your off-hours and we also have emergency visits in the event that you have a notice that you’ll be getting an inspection from the city. Visit our ABOUT US page for more details

If your restaurant exhaust hood cleaning needs a good cleaning, allow us to schedule your FREE consultation and walk-through. We’ll inform you of what we would do if we owned your location and how to best clean it while saving the most amount of money. If you’re interested in hearing more, please reach out to us by email, phone, or kindly fill out our contact form so we can get back to you. Thank you for considering Atlanta Hood Cleaning.

ATLANTA HOOD CLEANING is the top-rated restaurant hood cleaning company here in Atlanta, GA. We’re fully insured, bonded, certified and licensed.