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Atlanta Hood Cleaning offers many different services that cater to the restaurant owner too busy for keeping the kitchen clean. Most owners or managers have a small team dedicated to just the sole reason of keeping the kitchen clean. Rather than having your staff keeping it clean, delegate it to a team of expert technicians. To really clean a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you’ll need a team that does it all. Would you rather have a team that is only good for one or two services? Or a team that has members experts in all areas of kitchen cleaning? We’re not just cleaning with rags, mops, and cleaning supplies you could buy at Walmart. We’re talking about heavy duty chemicals that really get grime and greases off of all of your kitchen equipment.

We have stages of cleaning that we have perfected and work like a charm every single time. We use steam, our industrial grade cleaning supplies, and pressure washing. Our pressure washing machine works wonders for restaurant kitchens and they’re great to do before an inspection coming up. Pressure washing has really made the difference between a barely passing score on a city inspection and a perfect score. It’s also great for the exhaust hood that accumulates most of the oily vapors and greases so it’ll last longer for your restaurant. We can pressure wash the tile floors and grout to really make a clear difference in your kitchen.

Not only do we pressure wash the inside of the building, but we can also help you out with the outside. It’ll help improve the image of your location if the sidewalk isn’t stained and remains looking like concrete. Many locations especially fast food restaurants have food or drinks that spilled in parking lots, and over time they stain the concrete and asphalt. Having the outside cleaned and washed will make your business look very professional compared to the other restaurants nearby. Image is everything for customers, just as food has to be presented in a certain way on a plate, your restaurant’s image is also extremely important. We like to clean our client’s buildings, kitchen floors, and kitchen appliances as if they were ours. Our team members share those same views because they know it gives them the pride to help one another and we like having restaurant owners very satisfied to observe their kitchen after it has been cleaned. You’ll be amazed at the results just like our other clients. Restaurant pressure washing can be a standalone service or an add-on to other cleaning services we have. It usually comes with a full commercial kitchen cleaning, but you can customize a cleaning plan with us however you’d like.

If you want to see what an exceptional pressure wash cleaning will do for your restaurant kitchen, then please call for a free consultation where we’ll walk through your kitchen to see if you really need it. We’ll give you honest advice on what areas you should focus on and what we recommend for you to keep it clean. Thee are certain areas we know any inspector will look for and it’s important for the longevity of your business and your kitchen equipment. We all want you to have long lasting kitchen equipment and a long lasting business. If you are interested, please call us and talk to our specialist. You can also reach out to us by email or our fillable contact form and we’ll schedule an appointment with you at your business. Or take a look at our About Us page to find out more about our commitment to doing excellent work for you.

ATLANTA HOOD CLEANING PROS are certified, insured, licensed & bonded for pressure washing in Atlanta, GA. Our professional team is fully trained and qualified to operate pressure washing machines.

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