Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros Reviews 3 Mexican Restaurants

Mexican food is one of my most favorite foods. I make great ground beef tacos, chicken tacos and guacamole if I do say so myself. I must admit, I am usually disappointed when I order any of these at a Mexican restaurant. Today I am reviewing three Mexican restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia today. I don’t go over the food items, I go over how they came into being.

Rreal TacosAtlanta GA Restaurant is the inspiration of Adrian Villarreal. He was raised in Monterrey, Mexico. Even though Adrian is a trained chef, he loved his homemade tacos as he grew up and always dreamed of opening a taco restaurant.

Chef Villarreal spent two years in Paris then worked abroad even assisting with chef demonstrations at Le Cordon Bleu for students. After he moved to Atlanta in 2002, Chef Villarreal worked as executive chef and sous chef in some of the most renowned restaurants.

Inspired by his knowledge of Latin food and his roots of Monterrey Mexico, Chef Villarreal opened Rreal Tacos in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Voted “Best of 2016” in Atlanta Magazine, I can see why they have over five hundred positive online reviews.

Nuevo Laredo Cantina is located off the beaten path on 1495 Chattahoochee Avenue NW. It is the second restaurant owner Chance Evans has opened and both have been very successful.

Chance opened Nuevo Laredo Cantina the summer of 1992. His love of Mexico and its culture when he was working for Coca-Cola in the 1960’s. He frequently traveled to Mexico for business and could not get enough of the authentic Mexican dishes. He stills travels to Mexico several times a year and brings back memorabilia for the restaurant.Atlanta Georgia Restaurant

Using the formula to serve only the freshest authentic Mexican food at an affordable price, Chance has a loyal following who have given him over one thousand four hundred reviews on the internet. This has given them a four and one-half star rating.

Kirsten and Michael Benoit opened Bone Garden Cantina in 2008. The Day of the Dead in Mexico themed restaurant is full of colorful art. They have tapped into local tattoo artists and painters to cover their walls with original artwork.

Day of the Dead is said to go back hundreds of years to an Aztec festival that celebrated the goddess Mictecacihuati. Today, Day of the Dead is celebrated beginning October 31st and runs through November 2nd. Families gather to celebrate the lives of their family members who have died and support their spiritual journey.

Atlanta Georgia Restaurant PhotoWith over twenty years’ experience as a restaurant owner, Michael was a working artist prior to moving into the restaurant business. He chose to be off the beaten path and located his restaurant at 1425 Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard.

They have well over one thousand reviews on the web and a four plus star rating. Their unique restaurant with its artistry is certainly to be one of the places to visit next time you are in Atlanta.

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