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Our kitchen hood cleaning company has been in operation for over a decade. All of our experience in this industry combined totals up to three decades. With our on the job training and mentorship, our team members are going to be the best hood cleaning professionals in Atlanta for many years to come. Our prime service has been exhaust hood cleaning, but we’ve definitely added some other services after frequent requests from our loyal clients.

Our team of technicians is highly trained and qualified to handle all kitchen equipment and also replace any corroded parts. No need to call the manufacturer for anything when you work with us. Our inspections when we begin working with you will detail any of these parts or equipment that really need cleaning. We keep our team members updated on new rules, regulations, codes prior to inspections and cleaning appointments. In doing this, we take the burden of keeping your restaurant business in shape and ready for the city health inspection so you can put all the blame on us in the event that you get an unsatisfactory score. Don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed though. We’ll notify you ahead of time of any parts, ducts, fans, etc. that’ll need to be replaced and we’ll also remind you to make a cleaning appointment before an inspection. Of course, it’s always great to just keep your restaurant kitchen clean at all times in the event that you get a health inspector surprising you by just walking in.

Where It All Started For Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros & The Owner

Paul had a vision for himself and his company since he founded it, but before Atlanta Hood Cleaning he was undecided on what he wanted to accomplish. Paul grew up in the suburbs just northeast of Atlanta and he always wanted to be an expert at his craft. He considered going to graduate school, but after his four years, he decided to attend a trade school. He decided to learn all there was about kitchen exhaust hood cleaning and especially the Nat’l Fire Protection Association (NFPA), who makes the rules that every restaurant and commercial kitchen must abide by. It wasn’t easy to learn all of the codes and regulations, but with his persistent mentality, he was a solid team member at another hood cleaning business. He quickly became a supervisor and he learned that he loved leading a lot more than actually cleaning. Of course, he still came up with great methods to really clean stainless steel kitchen equipment, however, he wanted to lead teams and work efficiently. His passion was saving time and money for the business owner and also learning about the different types of businesses he was helping.

After many years of being a branch manager, he decided to start a new venture where he can really begin to train, lead, and develop more business relationships as the proud owner of Atlanta Hood Cleaning. It started roughly since he completely bootstrapped his entire business and reinvested all of his money to grow his brand. Paul and the team at Atlanta Hood Cleaning quickly became noticed in the city and dominated the competition in this entrepreneurial city. The company as a while is always beating their previous annual record of closing business, helping more restaurant owners, and hiring exceptional employees.

If you’d like to learn more about our business and get to personally know the owner and the team, never hesitate to reach out and contact us. Hopefully, we can work with you, a friend, or family member on cleaning your kitchen exhaust hood. If you are in need of having a restaurant kitchen cleaned, please fill out our form, email, or call for a quick intro on how our business can help and a quote. Thanks for considering Atlanta Hood Cleaning Pros.

We have friends in Fairfax Virgina that have a Fairfax County Hood Cleaning Company too. Tf you have questions before we schedule, please CONTACT US

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Restaurant Hood Cleaning Atlanta Georgia
Restaurant Hood Cleaning Atlanta Georgia
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